Is Your Desk Job a Pain in the Neck?

While whiplash and other forms of trauma are commonly associated with neck pain, a bad posture can also set that pain in motion. 

Neck Pain ImageHow Poor Posture Creates Neck Pain

If you sit at a desk all day, you are probably familiarly with backaches. It seems odd that a sedentary job can cause joint and muscle pain, but it does because poor posture and sitting for hours on end can put extra strain on the upper body. The muscles and bones aren’t getting the needed amount of movement and exercise. 
Poor posture isn’t only affecting the back. The way the spine curves and how the head is positioned can determine the stress on the neck. 

What’s the Worst Posture for the Neck?

Do you hunch over? Well, that might be what is causing the discomfort in your neck. Letting the shoulders and head hang forward puts stress on the muscles and vertebrae of the lower neck. 
If head or neck movements cause pain or the discomfort continues after changing your posture, a professional evaluation is recommended. The Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center can examine the neck pain, help you identify the underlying cause and treat it. 

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How do you treat your neck pain? We love to hear any tips you may have?

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