Myofascial Percussion

Have you ever wondered how your body—a virtually endless system of muscles, organs and nerves—can keep itself held together, let alone maneuver so seamlessly through your day-to-day activities? The secret is in fascial tissue, or essentially, the intricate weave of connective tissue that runs from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

More and more, doctors are realizing that when it comes to physical therapy, body parts can not simply treated individually, but rather, as one piece to a complex puzzle. “Muscle memory” can refer to the effect fascial tissue has on the body’s muscular system, meaning that it can “remember” past injuries and limit the mobility of joints and other body parts even years after wounds have healed.

Why Would I Ever Need Myofascial Therapy?

As mentioned earlier, fascial tissue can often cause problems with the future flexibility or functionality of your arms, legs, hands, neck, or other body parts after an injury has occurred. And, because it runs through your entire body, compromised fascial tissue can even cause issues in parts of your body that were never injured in the first place. What may have been a hip injury three years ago could easily turn into back or neck pain today without proper physical therapy treatments. Myofascial therapy is an effective way of releasing tension in the fascial tissue and works on the entire body, preventing you from discomfort on down the road.

The chiropractic team at Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center is fully-trained in myofascial therapy techniques and can help you regain mobility after an injury or surgery.

To learn more about myofascial percussion therapy or chiropractic medicine in the Memphis, TN area, call (901) 683-5971 and schedule a consultation with the professionals at Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center

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