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By Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center
June 11, 2014
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back pain memphis tnSwimsuit season is around the corner, so people have been out and about working on their fitness. Exercise, such as weight training and cardio, strengthens the muscles and can be beneficial for other reasons: lowers risk of heart disease, depression and type 2 diabetes. Plus, it’s a big confidence boost for people who have trouble controlling their weight.
Did you also know mild-to-moderate exercise may also help relieve back pain.

Exercising Can Strengthen the Back 

You may think that all your strength comes from your legs and arms, but your back also plays a critical role in handling daily tasks. The first thing people want to do is rest; however, too much bed rest may end up slowing down the healing process.
If you have short-term lower back pain, physical activity is the best remedy. Simple and short exercises can ease you into an active routine.
Some of the best exercises for lower back problems include stretching, swimming and core strengthening.

Treatment for Back Pain in Memphis

Exercise is a piece of the puzzle, not the only solution to your back pain. The best way to treat and monitor back pain is by seeing your chiropractor. The experienced and trained staff here at Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness know the best practices for taking care of any issues related to muscles and bones in the back.
Are you ready to get back into shape? Remember to consult with your chiropractor regarding new exercise routines. We can determine whether an exercise will be beneficial to your specific back pain case in Memphis.
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By Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center
June 11, 2014
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back and neck pain memphisBack and neck pain are two of the most common conditions that plague Americans. But because these conditions are common, this does not mean people have to live with them. That’s the message Kenneth P. Clenin, CD, CCRD, CSCS, a Memphis, TN chiropractor, shares with his patients.
As a chiropractor in Memphis, Dr. Clenin focuses on helping patients find relief from pain without the need for painkillers or invasive procedures. Through employing chiropractic adjustments coupled with strength and conditioning, patients can find relief from their back and neck pain in Memphis.

The Types of Back and Neck Pain

Dr. Clenin sees several different types of back and neck pain at his Memphis, TN chiropractic office. The first type is the patient experiencing acute pain. This could occur if a patient has experienced a traumatic injury, such as a car accident or sports injury.
The other pain type is chronic pain, which is pain a patient may have experienced for two months or more and is unrelated to an injury. Causes of chronic back pain can include disc herniation, where a protective and cushioning disc slips out of place in your spinal column and presses on the nerves in your spine. Another common cause is lumbar degenerative disc disease. This occurs when a spinal disc starts to wear down or becomes inflamed, which can press on the nerves in your spinal column and cause pain in your back and neck.
Osteoarthritis is another back and neck pain cause. Arthritis occurs when cartilage starts to deteriorate, causing the bony surfaces of your spinal column to rub together, causing pain. This affects your range of motion and causes stiffness. While arthritis was previously associated with being a disease only for those of advanced age, people are experiencing arthritis at younger and younger ages.
The good news is, regardless of the cause of your neck and back pain, chiropractic treatment can help to address the issue. Most causes of back and neck pain have something to do with misalignment of the spinal column. Chiropractic services focus on making adjustments that can restore alignment and blood flow to your spine and the areas of your body where pain radiates.
In addition to spinal manipulations or adjustments, Dr. Clenin emphasizes supportive therapies, such as stretching, exercise, nutrition and ultrasound. These can serve as long-term lifestyle solutions to pain and discomfort instead of quick or temporary fixes.
“Each patient’s back and neck pain truly is different, which is why it is important to have multiple tools available for treatment,” Dr. Clenin explains. “Chiropractics focuses on a total-body approach. This means I look at not only alleviating a patient’s back and neck pain, but also strengthening the structures it supports and vice-versa.”
For more information on back and neck pain treatment at Total Health Chiropractic, the Memphis, TN chiropractic office of Dr. Kenneth Clenin, please call (901) 683-5971.