Total Health Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

  • "As I celebrate my 69 years of age, I am proud to say I still do bench aerobics, lift weights, do yoga, tai chi, and walk with my friends at the mall. You have been able to get me back to my exercise when I tore ligaments, cracked my wrist, elbow and shoulder. It was Dr. Clenin that found the cracked bone in my arm and when told by an orthopedic doctor that my arm would never straighten out, you laughed and had me back at the gym in two weeks lifting weights. Dr. Clenin has been a blessing in my family, and we want to say God Bless You and Thank You."
    Pat S.
  • "For 18-19 years, I never missed a month without a minimum of a dozen headaches. On August 28th, I completed an entire year without a headache… thanks to Dr. Clenin’s wonderful care. I am now into my second day of another year without a headache."
    Richard L.
  • "Dr. Clenin has been a life saver – no more headaches. Thank you!"
    Jenny B.
  • "I just wanted to extend my appreciation to Dr. Clenin for the attention, treatment, education and effective exercises that he gave me to relieve these “Rocks” in my shoulders and to learn how to enjoy better health through back management."
    Lisa B.
  • "Four months of care here at Total Health Chiropractic has changed my life."
    Chris C.
  • "Dr. Clenin has a gentle approach, but make no mistake, he rocks!
    I can breath now!"
    Annette W.
  • "Most people would not believe the many successes I’ve had with chiropractic adjustments and therapies. Medical doctors were not able to correct my conditions without surgeries or drugs. I was diagnosed with emphysema when visiting my MD for bronchitis. I came to Dr. Clenin’s office immediately. He adjusted me, ordered laser and percussion therapy. Together, we decided to try detoxification footbaths. After four rounds of treatment at Dr. Clenin’s, I went back to the MD for another X-ray. He looked very surprised and told me that I did not have emphysema. I stopped smoking after 40 years, and I feel great. Thanks for helping me get back to normal."
    Sandy S.
  • "Without Dr. Clenin and staff, I would not be a happy camper…
    I can walk better without pain thanks to all of you."
  • "After Dr. Clenin taught me the correct stretches I needed, I have been able to continue my passion of running."
  • "Dr. Clenin and his staff have been taking care of my family for about two years. I am now able to walk again without a brace boot due to an injury I had several years ago. Due to Dr. Clenin and his staff’s great care, our family’s health has improved. Without them, I would still be in a boot, suffering bad headaches and bad cramps. I have been amazed what my chiropractic treatments have done for me."
    Becky H.
  • "I fell down a flight of stairs and dislocated two vertebras and sprained a muscle in my neck. Due to my treatment, I am now much better."
    Joey W.
  • "I am so elated with Dr. Clenin and his support team. I am the healthiest I have been in at least six years."
  • "Dr. Clenin and staff have been a gift to me for the last 8 years.
    With love and gratitude,"
  • "My pain is gone and my flexibility and motion have returned. Thanks for all you have done to restore function to my arm and shoulder. Most importantly, I have resumed daily activities."
  • "This has been a very hard year for me and my family, but every time I come in for a treatment, I leave feeling a lot better. The treatments have helped so much, and the people working here are all so nice and encouraging. Thanks again!"
    Barbara C.
  • "I wish to express my thanks for all that Dr. Clenin has done for me. He is one of the reasons my body made it four years in sports at the University of Memphis."
    Michael S.
  • "Last January, I was having so many headaches and now a year later, I’m “headache free!” I am grateful for Dr. Clenin & his staff."
  • "I was scheduled for surgery to fuse several vertebrae in my neck when I heard about Dr. Clenin and Total Health Chiropractic. Every time I turned by head, my arm would tingle down into my hand. If I did not sit straight, my arm would go numb. Several people I knew had told me that Dr. Clenin had helped patients avoid surgery, so I scheduled a consultation. X-rays were taken and Dr. Clenin did a complete evaluation. Dr. Clenin said “Don’t cancel your surgery date just yet, but I think I can help you.” After one adjustment, I could turn my head without the tingling and numbness. I continued treatment for about 6 weeks to strengthen the muscles in my neck to properly support my neck. The day that my surgery was previously scheduled, I called the clinic to thank Dr. Clenin and the staff. I told them that I was baking Christmas cookies for my family instead of having surgery!"
    Sandy R.

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