Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a variety of holistic services for our patients, who suffer from a variety of health problems, including chronic pain and addiction.

Our wellness therapies have been successfully used to treat many conditions such as:

  •     Acute Pain
  •     Chronic Pain Reduction
  •     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •     Soft Tissue Strains and Sprains
  •     Inflammation Reduction
  •     Enhanced Tissue Wound Healing
  •     Cell Regeneration
  •     Headaches and Migraines
  •     Back and Neck Pain
  •     Disc Herniations
  •     Arthritis and Tendonitis
  •     Minor Nerve Damage
  •     Autoimmune Diseases
  •     And Much More

Our wellness therapies have many patient benefits:

  •     Reduces painful symptoms
  •     Reduces mental stress and improves relaxation
  •     Decreases local inflammation and swelling
  •     Enhances joint and muscle function
  •     Improves circulation
  •     Increases metabolism
  •     Reduces nerve root irritation
  •     Promotes muscle tone
  •     Releases the body's natural pain killers
  •     Stimulates and accelerates the healing process
  •     Highly effective in treating calcium deposition
  •     Increases flexibility and range of motion
  •     Strengthens the immune system
  •     Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

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